The Act of Drawing is Seeing

As a child I grew up drawing. In school, at home, in the car and especially at my grandparents house. As I grew older, I drew less and less. by drawing less, I realized that i looked at the world with less curiosity. Drawing is simply another way of seeing. Something we don't really do as adults.

As I look at my three girls, I realize children are always drawing with their eyes. I think that's what becoming, or getting back to an artist is. Getting back in touch with that sense of wonder and curiosity you have as a child. The act of drawing is seeing, it's trying to see something and it puts you into a different mental state. It puts you into a state of being in that moment, that specific moment and understanding reality in a way that adults are really, very good at not doing.

I think for most of us, especially myself, we get away from that as we grow older. We spend so much of our adult lives trying to remember things, to get through the day. We don't spend much, if any time, seeing. Certain regrets we have, or mistakes we've made, whether a day before or a year before, come back to us. Trying to live in the moment is a very worthwhile accomplishment. 

Drawing encourages that. When you draw the world becomes a wonderfully beautiful place. Buildings that were once mundane suddenly reveal their form. The same thing happens with trees and plants and the landscape, and everything in between. When you are out for a walk, or just walking in between moments of your day, you'll be amazed at the beauty you see. 

This is where varley design began. Through years and years of drawing and painting and seeing, and a longing to get back to that. Seeing the beauty that is all around us. Creating beautiful things to share with you. 

- Jason



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