Reimagining the Established Notion of Everyday Items

One Of A Kind

Never pulled off a shelf and dropped in the mail. Each piece is designed, cut, and sewn right here in Southern California.

Each piece is made with absolute  intention and care.


We take the established criteria for each design and deconstruct it down to its constituent parts. 

We then refine the concept into something of a raw, vintage appeal with a modern twist. Motifs inspired by beauty and the natural world. 


Expertly crafted using the finest fabrics sourced from all over this beautiful planet. Each design possesses a sense of distinct discernment. 

Not Your Dad's Necktie

We believe work that is done should be beautiful. Things created are a testament to the character of its creator. When you put on a tie you should feel delighted. That's why we've pumped so much passion and intensity into varley deisgn. 

Our ties are created by hand using a process that takes about 75 minutes for each individual piece. Each point in the process - from sourcing the highest quality fabrics, to the exclusivity of our patterns, cutting and sewing techniques, assembly and packaging - is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each varley design. 

A distinctive sewing pattern that not only opens the door of creativity, it ensures your tie will endure for years to come.